Monday, April 8, 2019

Leslie's Findings: iSpring Flip 9 eBook Creation

Leslie's Findings iSpring Flip 9 eBook Creation Banner

iSpring Flip 9, a newly-released feature of iSpring Suite 9, can quickly turn a PDF, Word, or Powerpoint file into an eBook. 

You can display one or two pages at one time, show thumbnails for page navigation, display in full screen, and zoom in or zoom out. You can put in hyperlinks to external sites, as well as internal ones, such as a table of contents.

It can be loaded and score complete/incomplete on a learning management system with bookmarking.

iSpring Flip 9 Examples

Following is the web link showing our example of a Word document converted to an eBook with hyperlinks using Flip 9:

If you want to see an example of tracking/scoring progress on an eBook, see below for a screen shot of a Scorm 1.2 score of a Word doc. Note that the Score in the learning management system is NOT a pass/fail score, but the completion of the eBook. For example, in a 10-page eBook, if you have read 5 pages, you will show a 50% “Score.”

iSpring Flip 9 is available as part of iSpring Suite 9, or it can also be purchased by itself as a standalone application.  You can learn more about it and even try it for yourself by downloading a free 14-day trial of Suite 9 here

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